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WindRush Folder Eclipse

At long last a program that can secure data on a PC. Folder Eclipse allows you to keep your data safe and free from non-authorised eyes (i.e. snoopers)

This program offers a multitude of benefits for students, teachers and others:

  • Add as many folders as you want for quick hiding
  • Hide or Show individual folders or all folders at once
  • Prevents all file access, even from the command prompt.
  • Folders are removed from Windows Explorer entirely
  • Files in folders cannot be accessed, even from shortcuts or recent document lists.

Download demo


WindRush Sentinel Keylogger

Do YOU know what people are doing on YOUR computer? Just who is your 11 year old daughter tlking to on internet? Has anyone accessed your work PC when you accidentally forgot to close down before lunch?

If you have WindRush Sentinel running then you can rest assured. It will tell you ALL the activity that has taken place on your PC.

  • NEW: Now compatible with GMail!
  • Capture keystrokes
  • Capture programs used
  • Capture websites in Internet Explorer
  • Capture screenshots

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Chemistry in 24 hours programs

Chemistry in 24 Hours - Author: Dr Wayne Huang PhD

A series of self teach programs including:

  • general chemistry
  • organic chemistry
  • biochemistry
  • college chemistry
  • physics
  • mathematics


MCH Multimedia Chemistry programs

MCH multimedia science series with Professor Bryan Sanctuary of McGill University have developed an excellent series of titles for both teachers and students of chemistry and physics.

  • general & introductory chemistry
  • organic chemistry
  • general physics
  • physical chemistry

Suitable for IB, AP and A level studies


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