IB Syllabus 2016

We are starting a series of posts highlighting changes to the new syllabus for first examinations 2016, with resources that can be used to help the delivery and new topics.

There will also be new resources to support teaching and learning IB chemistry at both higher and standard level. Plus interesting links to further the investigative mind.

Here’s interactive self test 1 – Oxidation states

[topswf swf='http://ibchem.com/drop/swf/red/oxidation_state.swf' width='550px' height='400px']

2009 IB Chemistry syllabus review

Once again it’s time for the merry-go-round, all change, super new look shiny syllabus. Out with the old and in with the new. But what do you think of the changes?

Where has spectroscopy and instrumental analysis gone from the main syllabus? It’s been exiled to the options. This seems strange to me as it’s probably the most used (and useful) area of chemistry in research and industry.

What about radioactivity? It’s been banished altogether. There’s no interest in nuclear chemistry nowadays in the world is there?

Perhaps it’s all physics… I don’t think so!