What is the difference between bond enthalpy and bond dissociation enthalpy?

The bond energy term is the energy actually required to break a bond, or rather a mole of these bonds. The fragments that you produce depend on what the actual bond is holding together.

There are two terms that are used:

1. Bond enthalpy – this is the average of a bond of a certain ‘type’ For example the C-O bond. This occurs in many diferent molecules and has a slighlty different value on each, as the actul environment of a bond affects the energy needed to break it. Thus the bond enthalpy is the average taken over a whole range of different C-O bonds.

The values that are quoted in data tables are for Bond enthalpy per mole of bonds in kJ mol-1

2. The bond dissociation enthalpy: This is the energy required to break one mole of specific bonds. For example, when CH4 is broken to give CH3 + H. This requires a different amount of energy than say when the ‘fragment’ CH3 is broken into CH2 and H. Notice that the products are simply the fragments that are expected on breaking the bond.КартиниИдея за подаръкикониикониПравославни иконииконописikoniсвети георгихудожник на икониИкони на светциХудожникОткъде да купя иконаидея за подаръксондажилак за паркетсео оптимизацияСеоикони