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Here are some of the issues already raised below. If you have any other question that you would like to ask, do not hesitate to get in contact with our team using the support button on the menu bar above.

Q Does colourful solutions software work on a Mac OS?

A Unfortunately the Colourful Solutions Software packages are not directly portable to the Mac Operating System without the use of Windows emulation.

There are two fundamental ways to use Windows Emulation on a Mac OS X

1. Dual booting. Every copy of Mac OS X comes with software called Boot Camp that lets you install Windows and enable it to start up the Mac. You can choose to boot either from Windows or Mac OS X, but you don't have access to both at the same time.

2. Running Windows in a virtual machine. With this approach, you boot the Mac with Mac OS X and run Windows in a virtualization application. The advantage is that you can switch between the Mac OS X and Windows environments without rebooting. Virtual machine software also supports a wider range of Windows versions than Boot Camp. The disadvange is that it takes more RAM memory and CPU utilization, leaving fewer of your Mac's resources for other applications. Most tools let you move files between the two operating systems and sharing peripherals and networking. The main products for doing this are Parallels Desktop and VMware Fusion. Sun's VirtualBox is a free emulator.

More information about this is available on the Mac OS website at

Q Can I make suggestions about changes or improvements to your software?

A We would be delighted to listen to any suggestions and due to the nature of the products we are often able to implement changes into updates very rapidly. Similarly if any errata are noted these can be put right immediately.

Q Help, my antivirus reports your software as a trojan!


A Antivirus companies are continually updating their software checkers with new algorithms. Occasionally these match existing strings of code that are in genuine software. This is called a 'false positive'. We are keen to hear about any false positives, so that we can contact the relevant AV company and inform them so that they can update their software. The process takes from a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the company.

We recomend that if you have any doubt you check our products against AVG (Grisoft), Panda and Kaspersky AV, all of which offer onine checking.

Q Hi I am very interested in this software, but i see it says the puk is unique to your pc. I am moving to a new school in a new country in August so if I buy this now does it mean I wont be able to use it later as I will have a different laptop at my new school?

A We understand that occasionally people change location and PCs and will always issue replacement Unlock Keys to ensure that the Colourful Solutions software is always available free of charge.

Q Help, I have made the payment, but not yet received my personal Unlock Key. What can I do?

A We sometimes send out PUKs to emal addresses which either flag our emails as spam or the emal box is full and the email cannot be delivered. In these cases we send out reminder emails (from different addresses) and post information in the forum for the client to be alerted about the problem. It helps if the website is whitelisted in your email settings.

Q I am trying to run the downloaded software and as I try to open the zip file, I am getting an error message that the file is “invalid or corrupted”. ?

A This occasionally happens with any downloaded software. The simplest solution is to download it again and save it into a folder of your choice before unzipping.

Q Our district authority do not allow us to make online payments. Do you have any other options?

A It occasionally happens that schools and other institutions have no means to purchase on-line, so we do have alternative facilities available. If you are able to make a telegraphic bank transfer into our company account this would be perfectly acceptable. We provide the appropriate banking information and a relevant proforma invoice.

We are also able to accept cheques by post, although this would involve some delay in acquiring your PUK.

Q I bought one of your individual Colourful Solutions ebooks and would like to purchase the whole IB Colourful Solutions bundle. Is there any discount?

A If a customer wishes to upgrade from an individual book to the whole Colourful Solutions bundle we discount your initial investment from the final price.

Q Is your software updated to include the latest questions?

A Yes

Q You say that I can trial the software but the download version is locked ?

A To allow customers to assess the quality of the software we offer a 100% guarantee of satisfaction and if for any reason you are not happy with your purchase we will refund in full.

This then allows a customer to 'trial' the product. If he/she has paid through paypal we can reverse the payment within three months with no administration costs (there would be a small administration charge between 3 months and 1 year)

In the case of payments made through cheque or bank transfer we would need the details of an account into which to transfer the refund.

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