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These notes were written for the old IB syllabus (2009). The new IB syllabus for first examinations 2016 can be accessed by clicking the link below.

IB syllabus for first examinations 2016

13.1- Periodic trends in the third period

13.1.1 - Explain the physical properties of the chlorides and oxides of the elements in the third period (Na to Ar) in terms of their bonding and structure. Include the following oxides and chlorides: Oxides: Na2O, MgO, Al2O3, SiO2, P4O6 and P4O10, SO2 and SO3, Cl2O and Cl2O7. Chlorides: NaCl, MgCl2, Al2Cl6, SiCl4, PCl3 and PCl5, and Cl2.


13.1.2 - Describe the reactions of chlorine and the chlorides referred to in 13.1.1. with water.




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