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These notes were written for the old IB syllabus (2009). The new IB syllabus for first examinations 2016 can be accessed by clicking the link below.

IB syllabus for first examinations 2016

6.2 - Calculation of enthalpy changes

6.2.1: Calculate the heat change when the temperature of a pure substance is altered. Students should be able to calculate the heat change for a substance given the mass, specific heat and temperature change.


6.2.2: Explain that the enthalpy changes of a reaction relate to the specific quantities of either reactants or product. Enthalpy changes are measured in joules(J) and are often quoted in kJ mol-1 of either a reactant or a product


6.2.3: Analyse experimental data for enthalpy changes of reactions in aqueous solution.


6.2.4: Calculate the enthalpy change for a reaction in aqueous solution using experimental data on temperature changes, quantities of reactants and mass of solution. Enthalpy changes of an acid-base reaction could be investigated.




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