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The truth about Internet Business Opportunities

Since 98.4% of all "Get Rich Quick" ads are scams, I'm about to expose the scams right in this website. I'll even tell you which opportunities turned out to be real.

I've posted reviews from some of the most respected Internet gurus on some of the most popular business opportunities and "work at home" opportunities within this site. The names of the guys that own these companies are even listed and reviewed.

My name is Graeme Hall and I'm about to reveal the internet marketing secrets that are guaranteed to change your life for the better! I have researched many of the different offers you've probably seen in magazines and on the net.

The good news is that it is possible to earn a very considerable income from the internet

The bad news is that there are a lot of baaad people out there....

So let's shoot down a few misconceptions by addressing some straightforward questions...

Can I make an appreciable income from the Internet, Graeme?

In short, yes. Every day there are a staggering number of new computer owners and people starting their own websites. This amounts to the biggest marketplace in the history of humanity.

There are still relatively few people taking advantage of this. With a little wisdom and good guidance there are massive opportunities out there.

There are many business opportunities on the internet that can provide an appreciable income to support the lifestyle that you have always wanted.

Unfortunately there are also many scams and attempts to extract hard-earned cash from your pocket.

How can I tell the difference between a good system and a scam?

That's where this site comes in handy!

I personally have tried many of the schemes and researched the scams to provide this information. I have signed up for many of the programs described here and tried and tested them for new and valuable ideas. I have found the secret but don't get too excited because.......

......the big secret of internet business is that there is no one secret.

So if there is no secret why isn't everyone making a living from internet?

Ahh, I didn't say that these guys don't have something to share with you. They are (for the most part) excellent at what they do - making money from the internet. It's just that there is no magic money tree, no magic button that you can press.

Harry Potter doesn't exist and neither do fairies, ghosts and Santa Claus (probably, although I'm still not too sure about him)

So how's it all done then?

It is, to all intents and purposes, just common sense.

Having read through many of the different approaches and courses, having bought those that I considered to have potential, it didn't take long to realise though that they all have something in common.

So what do they all have in common?

All the so-called Internet marketing experts are just that. They have perfected the way of opening up the Internet and extracting the maximum benefit from it. In general they are all in agreement with one another. They make a fortune by applying the same procedures that work for the outside world with just a few adaptations for the virtual world:

These procedures are:

  • Build a website
  • Find a product
  • Promote and advertise the website
  • Sell the product while developing new ones
  • Automate the whole system
  • Go fishing (this last one is not compulsory)

And the cash flows into the bank account. Once the system is set up its pretty much self regulating you just need to tweak it here and there from time to time.

As you can see it's pretty straightforward. It's just that the successful Internet marketers have honed each stage to extract the maximum efficiency from it.

So let's take each step at a time.

The website

This has to be carefully designed and written to appeal not only to the search engine spiders (more about these later) but also to the human readers who are to become the customers. It must have a target market (just like in the great outdoors) and products designed to make life easier or better for this target market.

The advantage of the internet is that your website is your shopfront. In the great outside world you buy or rent a premises and hope that people drop by. On the internet you bring them in and show them around.

In both worlds if the folks don't drop in you're out of business. However the investment in a physical shop is thousands of times greater than for a virtual one.

There are a series of 'unwritten' rules, such as no flash or distracting imagery (there are obviously many more but I'll get to that later)

Yeah, but I don't have a product so how can I even get started?

The truth is that there are many products just waiting to be sold and to be fair on the Internet gurus they do point you in the right direction.

All the experts agree that the best products to sell are electronic (easily downloadable) and informative. In other words information products.

These sell rapidly and do not buld up dust in warehouses.

Yeah, but I don't have any specialised knowledge to share!

Jason Isaaksen is one of the experts who addresses this one very well. If you don't have any specialist knowledge you can talk to someone who does!

But if information products do not appeal, there are many many other possibilities just waiting to be snapped up. The marketplace is massive and the manufacturers are just crying out for help reaching it. You don't want to sell your own products? Fine! sell someone else's.

But, how do I find these products?

They are so easy to find you would not believe it! They are all over the Internet. Computer software developers with products and no market, you name it they are there.

Once you have decided on the focus for your website, you just search out products that your readers would be interested in and recommend them (afte having agreed on referral fees with the seller)

Ken Evoy's daughter, who I belive is only 14 years old makes thousands of dollars every month just by referring potential clients to real estate agents through her Carribbean Island website.

But Graeme, I can't afford a website!

The good news is that websites are now incredibly cheap as everybody is scrambling over themselves to provide bandwidth, storage space and services. This site, for example, costs me less than 5$ a month and that's with 200MB storage, statistics etc. etc.

The company I use has a starter offer at 1,99$ / month. Heck, that is less than the price of a bottle of Beer in Spain!!

And after several domain hosts before this one I have to say I'm pretty happy with the service.

But I can't write computer code!

Ahh yes, HTML ... Nowadays there are templates available for free download, or you can pay for them if you like as well ;) that cut out all the design work and effort.

You do need the basic word-processing skills and the ability to insert a link and one or two very basic webpage writing concepts (literally no more than 5 minutes work) but you could have a set of webpages up and running in no more than 30 minutes.

It does help if you have a copy of Dreamweaver or a similar webdesign program but even this is not essential.



Basic systems

The basic ways to earn income can be summarised as:

  • Selling
  • Affiliate schemes
  • Advertising
We'll take these in reverse order...




Affiliate programs

What do you need?

  • A website


Extra income
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